This page is a tribute to the late Dorothy Novis Fries and her television creation, Cyclone Malone. After a wonderfully long and creative life, Dorothy passed away in September 2011.

A message from Dorothy's daughter...
Dorothy Novis Fries, was a pioneer in Children's Television. She was the co-creator of a children's television series about a cowboy puppet named Cyclone Malone. She was a vocal and acting coach in Los Angeles for many years. She trained many adults for musical theater, opera and television, and she had a wonderful rapport with children and teens. She was the original vocal and drama coach for Disney's Mouseketeers, and she was an accomplished musician and accompanist. Lane Riosley has written a new play based on the Cyclone Malone character. I am grateful for her efforts, and I hope to keep my mother's legacy alive through children's theater and in an upcoming documentary about my mother's life and career.

Catherine Fries Vaughn




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